Back in Business!!!


Well my mental just did a 180 from my latest post which was published not even 20 hours ago…

I got up this morning after snoozing my alarm about 5 times. Had some breakfast, showered and made my way to work. While at work I checked my email and there was an email congratulating me on my acceptance to Rutgers University. I had to re-read that line I don’t even know how many times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. I let out a squeal, ran into the office and hugged my one coworker (who I don’t talk with outside of work and she actually has me blocked on Instagram which is a story for another day) but anyway so as I’m hugging her I’m still squealing and when I let go she is clearly very confused and my two managers are standing there as well looking at me like I just lost my mind. I finally managed to get out the words “I got accepted into Rutgers”.

This may not be the biggest accomplishment but it is huge for me. The day where I finally leave county college for bigger and better things always seemed so far away even after applying and registering for graduation, it still never felt like it would ever happen. Not until now. I feel so excited for the future again and motivated to work hard towards it. I think my biggest issue with my anxiety before was that the ideas of the future felt so far out of reach but now I have a definite answer for it. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple more schools so we’ll see what happens when it’s time to make a choice on where I want to spend the next 2 years for school.

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