Play! By Sephora January Box

Welcome all to another Play! By Sephora post 😊. Sorry I missed last month’s box post! I was so caught up in finals and finishing out the semester since it was my last one before receiving my Associate’s Degree (which I did indeed receive). Now I’m at Rutgers University working towards my Bachelor’s (if anyone cares to know). ANYWAY BEFORE I GET TOO OFF TOPIC AS I USUALLY DO… Let’s talk about my box this month and about how happy I am with it!

Smash Box Photo Finish Primer Water

“A lightweight primer that hydrates, refreshes, and preps skin for makeup.” I am SO excited to try out this product because of what this winter air is doing to my skin! Hopefully this primer will help lock-in moisture and prevent my skin/makeup from getting flakey throughout the day.

Bite Beauty Matte Créme Lip Crayon in Glacé

“A high-pigment lip crayon in a dusty-mauve shade with a matte finish.” I tested this product out and I absolutely adore the color! When it comes to lipsticks I really only prefer dusty-mauves. I honestly don’t think I have any lip colors that would not fall under that category.. so this was definitely a score for me.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

“A quick absorbing gel mask that hydrates skin while you sleep.” Now this is the second time I have received this product in my Sephora box but I am not complaining! This stuff is amazing. I took it with me this past summer when I went to Florida and it kept my face so hydrated, I didn’t peel one bit on my face. I’m sure all the sunscreen I used was definitely a helping hand but still, no tightness or anything.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

“A purifying face mask that deep-cleans skin and reduces the appearance of pores.” In the past, I purchased a few sample pods of this mask to take with me on vacation. I very much enjoy this mask and I am excited to be able to use it once again.

Marajó Nourishing Cleansing Crème & Deep Treatment Butter

“A hydrating shampoo and conditioner set that nurtures with botanical oils and rich butters for luxurious, healthy-looking hair.” NOW THIS SET RIGHT HERE I HAVE GOTTEN 3 TIMES LOL BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I LOVE IT. This is by far my favorite shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. I just have to get my money right so that I can purchase full size bottles of it. #brokecollegestudentlife

HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse Clear Skin and Breakout Supplement

“An ingestible vegan supplement that helps clear skin with organic ingredients.” For those who do not know, I have struggled with acne for a large portion of my young life and it has though it has definitely improved after working on my skincare routine, I definitely need to make some dietary changes as well. So I am super excited to try this supplement and see how my skin reacts to it! It’s a 3 day sample so I think that should be enough to get some kind of an idea on whether or not I should include it in my daily vitamins. I will make a separate post of my results from that so stay tuned!

– xoxoCara

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